Crypto Currency : How to start?

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In order to better understand the topic of cybercrime, you need to constantly learn and listen to the thoughts of those who understand this and who have made great money on it.
You may be uncertain in all this information, but over time you will get rid of the peril of the crypto currency. You just understand that there is nothing dangerous with that!
Crypto currency is the industry, about which, albeit already known a lot, but it is also an industry that everyone knows very little and understands little about it.
If you want to keep your business at a high level and always be ready for improvements, then you should understand this topic, because it will help you to manage and invest money competently.
When you are confident in your knowledge, you will be able to help others understand more about crypto currencies.
However, before that, you must always adhere to a few rules to do your best! So, here we have these rules:

1. Stay tuned for timely news
You should always devote time to explore the latest news in the crypto currency industry. This industry is very volatile, everything can change less than in a day! Why do you need to follow this? In order to be sure of your investments and savings. Knowing the latest information, you will always be one step ahead.
Here is a resource to help you monitor your situation:
Coinzy is a convenient internet resource where information is updated and only the most up-to-date news are downloaded!
This resource will greatly help you to keep up to date with the latest crypto currency events in the world. Everything is always available in an accessible format of letters (even your grandmother will be able to understand the latest news, I’m serious) so you can always find out at any time what’s new in the last day.

2. Learn like a child
You can open Google and learn all possible information about crypto currency in one day. However, should this be done?
The best way to start working with this topic is by gradual study and action. To begin with, you can buy a small amount of crypto currency for coin-boxes, or put a certain amount on your book. The book is a hardware wallet.
In essence, it is impossible to fully understand all the subtleties of cryptography at once. You will find a lot of stories when people lost a lot of money or blocked their purses. And you know why this happened? Due to lack of knowledge in this industry. That is why, in order to avoid unpleasant situations and impressions, it is best to learn slowly, gradually, cautiously, but efficiently!

3. Talk to those who are competent in the crypto currency industry and who you trust.
You surely have friends or acquaintances who understand the crypto currency industry a bit better than you. Ask them about their experiences and ask for advice.