Danger of Crypto Currency

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 How confident are you in using the security of the future as a virtual currency?

This crypto currency you just bought is just as vulnerable to hackers as your smartphone or any other digital device. If you have a security problem, remember that you have been warned.

Virtual currencies are gaining popularity every day – both among business people and among people with dubious intentions.

Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are not securely regulated and unstable, which makie them not just risky investments and acquisitions, but also a bribe for criminals who can access crypto exchangers, merge crypto wallets and infect individual software that steals your crypto currency.

You know why the majority of ordinary users are sure of the security of the crypto currency for  one hundred percent? Because they do not understand the whole mechanism and the principle of action to at all.

Nevertheless, most buyers believe that these currencies provide a reliable and secure way to make payments, even if most people do not have a notion of how they work.

According to large-scale statistical studies from 2015 to 2017 – more than ten percent of the crypt funds were stolen by hackers and other criminals.

You must remember that operations with cryptography are usually not reversible.

The Block Chain system is a decentralized payment system, so there is no central force capable of canceling an invalid transaction. Experts warn users that these crypto assets are becoming more frequent. In many cases, hackers use well-tested tools – phishing emails – to access digital storage systems.

Even large companies and organizations have received such “gifts” from hackers. It happens to everyone, even to people who believe that they are experts in the field of cybercrime and consider that they are protected by one hundred percent. Unfortunately, nobody is insured.

Cyber thieves watched how bitcoins and other crypto currencies went up and decided that it was time to start acting. At least 4 advanced criminal groups that used malware to attack bank accounts before the crippling currencies reoriented their attention on the scourge of bitcoin and crypto-currency exchanges.

They understand that money is there. Crypto-currency is the best contemporary hook for modern business people. And if it was real, but rather difficult (through centralized systems for protecting users of banking services) to get into other people’s bank accounts with real money, then accessing foreign crypto-trades would be extremely easy for a professional hacker or criminal.

According to statistics, monthly hackers steal about $ 530 million from accounts of individuals and entire organizations. Typically, crypto providers promise to reimburse lost money in dollars, but it’s still not worth the risk, isn’t  it? Experts also predict the mutual growth of both the popularity of crypto currency and the increase in crime in this area. So think carefully before you start using these resources.